A Brief History of Diamondhead Lake.


Walt Schafer had a dream: for years the Dexter businessman dreamed of building a lake near his home.  By 1960, salesman Boyd Baker arrived to share Walt's vision.  The two partners formed Happy Acres, Incorporated, to develop a recreation and retirement area, and Diamondhead Lake was created by damming up Long Branch Creek.

The early years of Diamondhead Lake were tumultuous as developers failed to move the project ahead as promised.  In 1965, the Long Branch Maintenance Corporation (LBMC) was formed to protect the interests of lot owners during litigation between developers and contractors.  In 1978, after the developers went into bankruptcy, Long Branch Maintentance Corporation emerged as the owner of all common lake properties, including the roads, lake, parks, access areas, maintenance buildings, Pasture Golf Association (PGA) golf course area, administration building, and water facilities.  LBMC is a homeowners association, not a real estate developer.

As Diamondhead Lake celebrates its 45th anniversary, we have three entities working to improve the community.  The Diamondhead Sanitary District (DSD), formed in 2002, operates the sanitary sewer system.  The Diamondhead Lake Rural Improvement Zone (RIZ) oversees projects to remove silt and prevent additional runoff from entering the lake.  These boards work in close cooperation with the LBMC Board to improve Diamondhead Lake infrastructure, helping to ensure the vitality of our community.  At the direction of the membership, in 2012 LBMC completed a major project to rehabilitate the roadways and drainage ditches in our community.  We now have good hard surface roads.  We approach the half century mark looking forward to Diamondhead Lake continuing as a vibrant, fun-filled place to live and play.